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Syndicated Content Type now accepts multiple pages


The Syndicated Content Type will now accept multiple pages to be embedded on a page. Syndicated content is used to list the same content on multiple pages (tuition and fees, health insurance info, directions and parking info, etc.) so there…

Helpdesk is now live


The new Helpdesk pages are now located in About Emerson’s Office and Departments section: http://www.emerson.edu/about-emerson/offices-departments/help-desk

Media Services Center is live


The new Media Services Center site is now located in About Emerson’s Offices and Departments section: http://www.emerson.edu/about-emerson/offices-departments/media-services

News Article Default Image

Emerson seal on news article

Now a default image will be attached to all news articles. If you want to post an article but you are missing a thumbnail image to go with it, the Emerson College seal will automatically be applied as the thumbnail…