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SEO Guide updated, trainings offered

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Have you been wondering how to improve your webpages and increase your number of page views? Brush up your knowledge with our updated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tutorial! You don’t need to be an expert to use good SEO practices. Start with the basics. If you want to get more in-depth, we have more resources available […]

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Reminder about Passwords

This is a friendly reminder to alert Web Services any time your passwords are updated or change. Whether you are just strengthening the uniqueness of the password, or altering it due to a departing student or staff member, you must alert Web Services first. Email the Webmaster at nicole_leete@emerson.edu with any changes.

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Editorial Style Guide now online

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Need to know the difference between an alumnus and an alumna, or can’t  quite remember whether it’s the Boston Common or Commons? You can easily find out because Emerson’s Editorial Style Guide is now online! There’s an A-Z index so you can simply click on the letter of the subject in question and find what you need […]

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Less is More — Removing left promo inheritance

Over the summer we commissioned a usability study from Boston Interactive and have been implementing many of their recommendations.  One particularly telling observations concerns the efficacy of the left promos.  Boston Interactive correctly notes that although we’ve labeled them as calls to action they are not being clicked because they are being treated by end […]

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Faculty/Staff Directory 3.0

Web Services is pleased to launch the next iteration of the Faculty/Staff Directory.  The new version finally allows us to continue to use Banner as the source of data while at the same time to present departmental information in concordance with the College’s actual operations instead of its budget lines. Key changes include Non-abbreviated & […]

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Drupal update scheduled

Web Services will be updating our Drupal installation and many of its constituent modules Tuesday, August 6th @ 7:00 AM. This will result in a short amount of downtime for emerson.edu. Access to eCommon, eCampus and Canvas will not be affected.

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Emerson Live now accessible on iOS devices

We are very pleased to announce that the conversion of Emerson Live from a Flash-based content delivery to an HTML5/Javascript/CSS one is now complete.  That effort coupled with Median’s device aware embedding allows all the rich video content in Emerson Live to be viewable on iOS devices (iPad,iPod, and iPhone). Check it out!  [and let […]

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Integrating with Median

To leverage Median’s supporting of iOS devices in its embedded player, we have changed all video calls to Median on emerson.edu to use the <iframe> method rather than the Flash Movie method.   Going forward please be sure to use the <iframe> method if you want to embed a video in your page (without using the […]

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