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SEO Basics

SEO definition

If you’ve ever written content for a website, chances are you’ve heard of or used Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps your web pages rank higher in search engine results, which helps your target audience find you. How it works Search engines…

Accessibility Checker

Web Accessibility Example

The Web team strives to create a positive user-experience for everyone who uses To be sure all of our web pages follow web accessibility standards, we have implemented an Accessibility Checker for you to use before submitting your pages to be reviewed…

Introducing… Snippet!

Step 1

Snippets are blocks of text (of any length) that can be syndicated across (or within) multiple pages but authored in one place. Ultimately, this will replace the “syndicated content” content type. This new content type will best be used to…

New Feature: Spell Check

Spell Checker

Typos. We’ve all been there. To avoid letting them slip by on your web pages, the Web Team has launched a Spell Check in Drupal’s body editor. You will now notice a red line underneath any misspelled words when you…

Link Checker

Broken Link

To help you discover broken links on your web pages, web services has added a new feature, link checker, in Drupal. If a link is broken within your web page, you will now be notified next time you are editing your page.…

How to make your web pages more accessible

Advisory Titles for Links

There are 285 million people estimated to be visually impaired worldwide. For these individuals, navigating digital technology can be a frustrating and difficult experience if a website is not accessible to them. People who are visually impaired, often rely on screen…

Comparing Revisions

Comparing Revisions

The web team is excited to share that we have added a new tool in Drupal to help you keep track of all of your web pages’ edits and changes! Using this new feature is easy to use: Find and…

Posting events to the campus calendar and other publicity


Happy 2016! A new semester is almost upon us. Surely your department, office, or student organization has a lot of exciting events planned. Get the word out by posting yours on the Events calendar. Here’s a refresher: to submit an event…

Link Shortener

Link Shortener

Emerson College has its very own link shortening service. Akin to, the shortener allows users to send shortened links via email, social media, and other communications in a more concise, trackable way.