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Link Shortener

Link Shortener

Emerson College has its very own link shortening service. Akin to Bit.ly, the shortener allows users to send shortened links via email, social media, and other communications in a more concise, trackable way.

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Embedding Images in HTML Outlook Emails

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Embedding an image directly into an Outlook email, or creating a basic inline image HTML email, is a great way to include your graphic or photo in your message without forcing the recipients to open a link. The image automatically loads when the email is opened, and is still visible to the recipient event when […]

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New Button

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Web Services launched a new button feature recently. It is designed to make “call-to-action” links more visible and prominent.   Users look for calls-to-action when navigating online, such as: Apply Make a gift Read more Request info Visit To add the button, simply add it from the template dropdown menu in the Drupal Dashboard. Be […]

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Introducing Show/Hide Tabs

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We’ve made it easier to display long pages of content by creating show/hide tabs. Now when you’d like to display content in a step-by-step format or simply have long blocks of content to display on one page, use these tabs to show your content in a more user-friendly, digestible way.   To use the show/hide […]

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New SEO resources page

A new page has been created to highlight SEO resources and tips for emerson.edu. The Drupal manual has also been updated with SEO tips. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the act of increasing ways people can find your website via search engines. The goal is to make emerson.edu more search-friendly so that potential and […]

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How to get Promos to appear where you want them


By default, promos from parent pages are automatically posted on child pages. If the right promo section of a page is empty, it will display whatever is posted on the parent page. This is so you can easily have the same information on multiple pages. On the Fitness Center main page, the right and left […]

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I need to promote something on the website, what do I do?

First differentiate if this is a new initiative, announcement, or event. Initiatives An initiative is a program that will last and possible reoccur every year. Examples of this would be an academic program, a resource, or an important update. Find out who your department’s web editor is. He/she will be in charge of making updates […]

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New menu options in Drupal


When we finish our Drupal upgrade there will be new menu items for you to use: Find and Create. They will replace the existing menu items (Accessible Content, Site Outline, Create Content, Content List) Find Similar to Content List. Click on the Title of a page to edit it. The link to edit a page […]

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Web Workshops

Web Services is hosting workshops. RSVP Today: Intro to Web Services/Writing for the Web 11/29/11 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Transportation Building, Room 230 Learn about how Web Services can help you – and learn how to write, edit and polish your content for the web. RSVP ยป Intermediate Web Training 12/01/11 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Transportation Building, […]

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How to Organize PDF’s and Images in Drupal


To help keep Drupal organized, certain steps should be taken before uploading files. File Names Before uploading a PDF or image, make sure the file name has the following: All lower case letters The department that will use this PDF or image What is in the PDF or image Hyphens between each word PDF example: […]

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