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How to make your web pages more accessible

Advisory Titles for Links

There are 285 million people estimated to be visually impaired worldwide. For these individuals, navigating digital technology can be a frustrating and difficult experience if a website is not accessible to them. People who are visually impaired, often rely on screen…

Posting events to the campus calendar and other publicity


Happy 2016! A new semester is almost upon us. Surely your department, office, or student organization has a lot of exciting events planned. Get the word out by posting yours on the Events calendar. Here’s a refresher: to submit an event…

SEO Guide updated, trainings offered

SEO graphic

Have you been wondering how to improve your webpages and increase your number of page views? Brush up your knowledge with our updated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tutorial! You don’t need to be an expert to use good SEO practices. Start…

Want a New Social Media Page?

Social Media

Great! Step one: Go through Web Services. Fill out a Social Media Request form or a Blog Request Form. Why? Credentials: The account must originate with the Office of Communications and we need to record your log-in information (username, password,…

Social Media Refresher

School of the arts Twitter

Calling All Social Media Admins! Web Services is doing an audit of all current social media administrators. Please help by submitting the names/emails of those staff and students who currently administer your department’s social media channels. Contact Please also…

New Button

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 2.27.11 PM

Web Services launched a new button feature recently. It is designed to make “call-to-action” links more visible and prominent.   Users look for calls-to-action when navigating online, such as: Apply Make a gift Read more Request info Visit To add…

How to Organize PDF’s and Images in Drupal


To help keep Drupal organized, certain steps should be taken before uploading files. File Names Before uploading a PDF or image, make sure the file name has the following: All lower case letters The department that will use this PDF…

Photos should be RGB not CMYK


Photos color profiles should be set to RGB not CMYK. Images whose color profiles are set to CMYK do not render properly on any computer running iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod). Also, CMYK images do not render in Internet Explorer. If…

Drupal Manual updated

The Drupal manual has been recently updated with clearer directions and more information. Download a copy »

New Photo Archive

Photo Archive

The Office of Communications & Marketing announces its brand new photo repository, PhotoShelter. You can download and format Emerson photos for use on using the password “emersonlions.” Browse PhotoShelter »