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internshps twitter feed

Attention users who have a Twitter feed on their web pages: As of Tuesday, June 11, Twitter discontinued use of their Twitter widget. They’ve since launched “embedded timelines,” which are more interactive and an overall improvement! What this means for you: Your old Twitter feed will not show up on your pages. New code is […]

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Unpublished Content Bug Fixed


We have just fixed a very serious bug that came out of our Drupal 7 migration: unpublished content was viewable by anonymous users. Thanks Trent Bagley for finding it! While we look for a long-term solution by working with the developer whose module is the root of the problem, if all revisions of a piece […]

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CommonSpot does not work in Firefox 4-5 or Internet Explorer 9

Firefox 5 has recently been released; we wanted to let you know that editing in CommonSpot does not work properly in this browser. Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 also do not work with CommonSpot. However, you can still use older versions of these browsers, specifically Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8 which you can […]

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Drupal Site Outline updated


The Node Hierarchy module that displays the Site Outline in Drupal was updated recently for security reasons. The minor changes that you will notice are: Every page in the Site Outline will appear to have children pages, regardless of whether or not they in fact have children. The pages in which this effects will say, […]

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Drupal styles menu does not work in Internet Explorer


When editing a page in Drupal using Internet Explorer, the Styles drop-down menu does not work. Because of this bug it is advised that you do not use Internet Explorer when editing Drupal pages This is how the Styles menu looks in Firefox: This is how it looks in Internet Explorer:

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Why is editing in Drupal slow?

You may have noticed that when editing in Drupal, pages take forever to load or do not load at all. This has gotten consecutively worse over the past few months. We have been constantly looking into what may be causing it.

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