Emerson College



Summer Content Clean-Up

This summer Web Services will be going through all of emerson.edu and removing (or redoing) as much outdated and orphaned content as possible. Please note that we are NOT deleting your pages, just old revisions! When finished you should see a considerable increase in the performance of the file-browser of the WYSIWYG editor.

We will specifically target the following:

  • Content with date references in the past or content that features students, faculty and staff who are no longer at Emerson and not Alumni
  • Orphaned ‘Assets’ — including Right & Left Promos, Events, Video & Slideshow pages
  • Orphaned Images &  Files
  • Old Webform Submissions
  • No-longer needed Revisions

To do this we need your help!  Please identify the following for us:

  1. any page(s)/assets which you are actively editing or plan to edit by July 1.
  2. any finished page(s)/assets for which it is necessary to keep the revision history
  3. if you are a webform owner whether it is ok to delete all or a portion of the archived submissions

Again, we are NOT deleting your pages, only cleaning up unnecessary revisions and old unused content.

Please respond to Nicole Leete (nicole_leete@emerson.edu) Friday, June 13th, and if you have any general questions about the project please email web@emerson.edu.