A quick introduction

Hello! My name is Nicole Leete and I’ve recently joined the Web Services team, replacing Matt Bailey.  I am your go-to for Drupal training, site administration, event/calendar approvals and overall website support. I’ve been fortunate to meet several friendly faces so far and hope to meet more of you soon.

A note about Drupal updates

A few users have mentioned that you weren’t always required to state “please publish” or “still working”, etc. in the revision log. I tend to err on the side of caution, and am loath to publish something prematurely. Moving forward, please include “Please publish” (or “don’t publish!”) in the revision log along with your changes. Then I won’t have to bug you via email!

revision log

In the coming months, watch out for some training videos and/or sessions that will hopefully help users spruce up their content and remind them to follow tried and true web writing / content tactics.