My Favorite Class: Management and Communication

The following entry was written by Caroline Pallotta, class of 2016.

Because Emerson College is such a career-oriented school, it should be no surprise that our classes are geared in a similar direction.

Professors work with students to develop career ideas

Professors work with students to develop career ideas

I’m currently taking a course for my minor in Leadership & Management titled Management and Communication with Professor Ted Hollingworth, who has taught at Emerson for 50 years and at Harvard for 30. This class is open to all students of all majors, and revolves entirely around our future career aspirations.

The midterm for this class is a paper that looks at the past, present, and future of our desired field. As a Writing, Literature, and Publishing student, I am looking to enter the publishing industry, so digging deep into what to expect from the field has been helpful in tempering my expectations. At the end of the semester, we’ll be working on a final paper that highlights the past, present, and future of a specific company in our field where we may want to someday work. The final paper is one of the best opportunities to really do the research behind what I want to do once I earn my Emerson degree. Professor Hollingworth continually reminds us that professionals in the workforce want to help students, and this is the best opportunity to get their input.

One of the most memorable things Professor Hollingworth told us was a story about a past student who wanted to work on Broadway. Professor Hollingworth encouraged him to reach out to Hal Prince, a renowned Broadway theatrical producer and past winner of an award from our student organization, Musical Theater Society. The interested student sent him an email, Hal responded, and now the two work together. Simple as that!

This project can change futures and open doors. Emerson College is all about building a network to support you once graduation is behind you, and it’s invaluable to develop a realistic perspective on the future of your career. I am very excited to work on my own final paper — I can’t wait to get a taste of what it’s like in the “real world.”

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