Movie Junkie in the City

The following entry was written by Caroline Pallotta, Class of 2016.

Not only is Boston a hub of history, theater, and shopping, it’s also a great place to go to the movies. Because of Emerson’s central location in Boston, we’ve got a ton of the best cinemas right at our fingertips.

Emerson was ranked the #8 film school in the country, so it’s no surprise our students are often catching wind of  promotional or free screenings of movies at the Loews AMC. Directly adjacent to Emerson’s campus on the Common, the AMC theater is the place to catch major releases and midnight showings. Already this year I’ve been able to see a free advance screening of Captain Phillips and About Time, and I was in the first audience to pre-screen a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe that didn’t even have a title yet! Last year, Emerson College specifically received promotional passes for students to preview movies like Pitch Perfect and Side Effects, so it was even more fun to have an entire theater just to ourselves.

The Bright Family Screening Room at Emerson College

The Bright Family Screening Room at Emerson College

Blockbusters not your cup of tea? There are several charming independent theaters around metro Boston that show indie films, classic movies, and cult favorites. The Coolidge Corner Theater will play Big Screen Classics or cinema presentations of opera as well as the latest Paul Thomas Anderson or Woody Allen release. Their largest screening room is a beautiful historic space with a gilded proscenium. The Kendall Square Cinema is another beloved theater that will screen smaller-release movies. The Brattle Theater in Harvard Square will show a great roster of unusual films in addition to being a spot where you can sometimes catch visiting authors and other speakers.

If you’re really a film buff, the rarer stuff can be seen at places like the Harvard Film Archive or the Museum of Fine Arts. Sometimes the MFA will do a screening series, like last winter when they showed the entire repertoire of Stanley Kubrick!

Staying close to campus, Emerson’s own Bright Family Screening Room hosts a screening and talk series for the Emerson community called “Bright Lights”.

You don’t have to be studying Media to appreciate the movies! In a city with so many options, free screenings and special engagements are a great way to stay current on film culture, no matter what you study during the day. What movies are you excited to see this winter?


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