Developing Careers on Day One

The following entry was written by Jackie Roman, Class of 2017.

Before my heart was set on Emerson, I searched all across the East Coast for competitive journalism programs. I visited over seven colleges and universities before I began to narrow down the list of where I wanted to apply, and I was always concerned with the same question: how soon can I start? For me, that was the question that factored most greatly into making a decision about college.

When I asked “how soon can I start?” I was referring to the immediacy with which I could begin taking classes related to my major, embark on an internship, become a key player in clubs, and enrich my knowledge by studying abroad. Emerson was the only college that boldly answered, “you start on day one.”

Now that I’ve started my freshman year at Emerson, I can attest that the college has kept its promise to me: I am taking two journalism courses during my first semester called Discovering Journalism and Foundations of Journalism. Both of the professors behind these classes have made me feel confident in my career choice, and I’m learning not only the core ethics of journalism but also the 21st century keys to staying competitive and relevant.

Good Morning Emerson, a show on The Emerson Channel, in production.

Good Morning Emerson, a show on The Emerson Channel, in production.

I already feel the support from the Career Services office where I’m sure I’ll turn when it’s time for me to get an internship. After all, they help 900 Emerson students each year find internships in Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York. Internships are just another step in making yourself career-ready.

In the meantime, I’ve been impressed by the abundance of journalism extracurriculars that simply can’t be found anywhere else. With a wide range of publications and papers, a variety of radio shows, and a bunch of multimedia organizations, I feel like a kid in a candy store of communication and media arts. This semester I plan on getting involved in WEBN and the Berkeley Beacon to beef up my resume. But who is to say what else I will get involved with in the future? At Emerson, as I have already learned, the only limitation is how many hours there are in a day!

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