Orientation and Move-In: Kicking off the 2013-2014 Year

The following entry was written by Veronica Tawney, Class of 2014.

Some of the 2013 OLs with President Lee Pelton on move-in day.

Some of the 2013 OLs with President Lee Pelton on move-in day.

Over the past two days, more than 850 Emerson freshman were cheered on, high fived, and moved in by their upperclassmen orientation leaders. These orientation leaders (or OL’s, in traditional Emerson acronym speak) show up bedecked in glitter, bunny ears, and banana suits to greet the new Emersonians outside the residence halls, where they quickly whisk each student’s luggage and dorm supplies directly to their room. Not to be outdone by the students, even President Lee Pelton stopped by to help with the big move.

Orientation blasts off with move-in, but continues into a week filled with fun activities, workshops to get to know their new group of classmates, and informative presentations so our freshman feel prepared to begin a successful year. Students can attend open houses for several of the on-campus facilities (picking up tasty food and treats at each one!), speak with the adOL in yellow costume during move-invisors and faculty members that will guide them through the next four years, and even give a little back by taking part in a community service project at the end of the week. But what truly makes Emerson orientation unforgettable are the amazing shows, guest performances, and group activities.

Events this year include a stand-up performance by comedian and alumnus Max Goldberg, an intensive icebreaker called Hooray!, the genius advice and comedy of the Date Doctor David Coleman, a campus dance, Emerson comedy troupe performances, open mic evenings, and orientation photobooths. The list just goes on and on!

Emerson move-in and orientation is such a fun tradition here that it attracts all kinds of media attention. Even the Boston Globe noticed us! We’ve also been spotted on the cover of the local daily paper, Metro, and we’re a hot topic on twitter as well. It’s a great reminder for new and returning students why Emerson is such a special and unique place to go to college.

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