How They Got Here: The Class of 2017

With the Class of 2017 arriving on campus at the end of this month, it’s a good time to reminisce about what it took to get here and reflect on what they will be bringing to the table!

In the fall of 2012, our admission counselors traveled all over the world to meet students who were interested in Emerson. Whether at their high schools, an information session on the road, or the Open Houses we hosted in Boston, we saw hopeful and impressive future Emerson students by the dozens.

Undergraduate move-inPerhaps our newest crop of Emersonians remember the application process in the not-so-distant past: borderline obsessing whether or not leave a comma out in that one part of the college essay, haranguing teachers to send recommendation letters, and trying to balance school, after-school activities, senioritis, and applications. Hours spent studying for the SAT or ACT studying, then actually taking the four hour exam. Not to mention the anxiety of waiting to hear back! Over 8000 of those lovingly crafted college applications from high school students and transfer students all over the country poured into the Emerson Admission Office.

After reviewing every application, we hand-selected a freshman class of about 885 students, plus almost 200 transfer students who will be joining our student body. They come from all over the United States and the world: 304 incoming freshman are local to New England, and 113 are coming all the way from California. 100 New Yorkers will have to change their loyalty from the Yankees to the Red Sox. In between, one brave soul each is coming from Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, and South Carolina. 26 countries are represented from 4 continents, including Brazil, China, Ghana, Honduras, Mexico, and Switzerland to name just a few.

These new Emerson students are smarties, too! 41% of the Class of 2017 graduated in the top 10% of their high school class.

We had the chance to meet our accepted students throughout the spring when we invited them to Emerson’s campus for Admitted Student Days. Over 860 accepted students came to our campus on the Common to attend a mock class, see examples of student work, and mingle with the Emerson community current and future.

Now, we’re asking right along with the Class of 2017: “Is it Emerson move-in day yet?” We can’t wait to embrace our Lions and welcome them to the community with Orientation, watch them make innovative and exciting contributions over the years, and send them off into the world when May 2017 rolls around!

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