Staying Safe On and Around Campus

The following entry was written by Natalie Valdes, Class of 2013.

ECPD officer

The Emerson College Police Department protects the College community 24/7.

Transitioning to life in the city can be a big change. With Emerson’s location in the heart of downtown Boston it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, but also know that Emerson takes every possible measure to keep its community safe on and around campus. Below is a breakdown of the systems in place to put you at ease:

  • The Emerson Police Department has on office on campus that is staffed 24/7 by officers who are Massachusetts state-trained and -certified police officers.
  • All buildings are monitored by Securitas officers who are employed by a national security company. You’ll have to swipe your Emerson ID to get into any academic building.
  • The Residence Halls are a 24 hour ID-tap system, and you can only gain access to the building you live in. If you don’t live there, you’ll have to be signed in and out by a student who does live there. Guests who are not Emerson College students must also be signed in and out and leave a valid ID at the front desk.
  • Emerson is prepared for emergency communication through an emergency notification system called Blackboard Connect. All students must register their contact information and an emergency contact as well. In case of any emergency on campus or in Boston, they will call, text, and email everyone at once. Read more about emergency preparedness here.
  • A taxi voucher system is provided through a local cab company called Town Taxi. Students can carry a voucher in the event they need a cab and are without cash or a credit card. The fare gets added to your tuition bill at the end of the semester. Some local cab companies also accept the Emerson ID as a form of payment, so you never have to feel like you can’t get home safely.
  • Another way to feel secure at any time is to request the walking safety escort service provided by ECPD. You can have an officer accompany you to any of Emerson’s buildings as well as the T station or a nearby intersection.
  • Blue light phones are installed in the Boston Common across the street from Emerson. They can be used to report a crime or emergency or to request immediate assistance.

With all these helpful services, it’s still worth mentioning that being aware of your surroundings and traveling in groups is always smart. Making Emerson a safe place to call home for our faculty, staff, and students is an important consideration for our community.

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