Emerson Lingo Explained

The following entry was written by Natalie Valdes, Class of 2013.

A big part of the Emerson culture includes our own abbreviation-heavy lexicon. You’ll hear this Emerson vocabulary used ubiquitously, and as a transfer student it took some getting used to! To help others dive right in, I present to you a breakdown of the most common campus lingo used by Emerson students.

Short for: Piano Row, one of the four residence halls on campus, located at 150 Boylston Street. It houses the Max (see below), the Quiet Study Lounge, activities offices, and Brown-Plofker Gym.

The Max
Short for: The Max Mutchnick Campus Center, housed in Piano Row (see above). The Max is also home to the Common’s Café, which is one of our four dining options on campus (the waffle fries and chicken fingers come highly recommended).

Short for: The Multipurpose Room, located in Piano Row. The Multipurpose Room is an intimate function space. With a posh backdrop of theatrical velour curtains, the M.P.R is often used for solo or small group performances as well as small receptions or banquet-style events.

Short for: The Emerson Café, another one of our campus dining options. Stop in for tea, coffee, pre-made yogurt parfaits, and panini sandwiches. A popular place for people-watching, you can sit at a counter that looks out onto Boylston Street and watch Emersonians come and go.

Short for: The Little Building. Along with P-Row, the L.B. is another one of our residence halls. It’s home to the D.H. (see below) and is one of the most in-demand residence halls for freshman living.

Short for: The Dining Hall. Makes sense, right? Home cooked meals, salad bar, all-day cereal bar, vegetarian options, soft serve…

The Cab
Short for: The Cabaret, also located in the Little Building. It can accommodate up to 200 people and is therefore a great space for comedy shows, a cappella performances, mixers, rehearsals…

Short for: Convenience Store. This one’s in the L.B., too. It’s a grab-and-go dining option that’s open late and takes Board Bucks, one of two currencies included in an Emerson meal plan. Ben and Jerry’s at 1 am? You got it!

Short for: Emerson College Police Department. Their office in the Little Building is a touchstone for campus safety.

Short for: The Paramount Center. This one’s obvious enough. The Paramount Center is a residence hall and home to tons of other arts facilities like the Lieberbox (see below), Bright Family Screening Room, piano practice rooms, the Scene and Prop Shop, and more.

The Lieberbox
A unique amalgamation coined for the Jackie Liebergott Black Box theatre, located in the Paramount Building. It’s a great multi-functional space where you can do anything from seeing a theatrical production to attending a sit-down dinner function.

OL in chicken suit

Orientation Leader dancing in a chicken suit? #soemerson

Short for: Writing, Literature, and Publishing. We couldn’t possibly say all those words every time we ask each other what major we’re in, could we?

Short for: the Visual and Media Arts department. Ditto above.

Short for: the Political Communication major. This one’s just a matter of lopping off syllables.

EM Celeb
Our self-given name to those Emerson students who are involved in everything, and are our own “Emerson Celebrities.” It seems like you see them everywhere: in episodes of Emerson Channel TV shows, on the covers of campus publications, speaking at campus events…

Our very own hash tag! Anything creative, eccentric, could-only-happen-here is just oh #soemerson.

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