Not Over Yet!

The following entry was written by Mariesa Negosanti, Class of 2015.

In college, finished final exams and turned-in term papers usually start a chain reaction of students frantically packing up their rooms and rushing out the door. However, some Emerson students are preparing for the highly anticipated “extended stay” week. There’s quite a few reasons for students to stick around after classes end: a big one is the EVVYs, Emerson’s end-of-year celebration of student work and the largest student-run award show in the country. Over 100 students remain on campus to work on this production from very early in the morning into the wee hours of the night.


The EVVYs, one activity that students stick around for after classes end.

For those students who are graduating on Sunday, this is also senior week. There are scheduled events all week long (and some not so scheduled) where seniors get the chance to make final memories as Emersonians. Some of the graduating seniors even move back into the dorms for the week to rekindle their memories as underclassmen and be close to campus one last time.

To other students, this week is known as spring training. The Resident Assistants and Orientation Leaders have their first sessions of training for the fall year, even before they leave for the summer! I guess it’s never too early to prepare, right?

One unsanctioned activity that many students remaining for extended stay look forward to is post-moveout dumpster diving. Not literally, of course: many students who do not live close to campus have essentially two options for the stuff they can’t take with them. For those who don’t choose a storage unit, they drop off their unwanted belongings in the trash rooms of each residence hall. It’s like Christmas morning as the students remaining on campus go on a treasure hunt for cast-off refrigerators, microwaves, supplies, and other diamonds in the rough that get left behind. In this case, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” really does apply!

It just goes to show that Emerson students never stop being busy. Even without classes to attend, there are still a ton of ways to  remain engaged in the Emerson community.

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