The Costume Shop

A look inside the Costume Shop.

The following entry was written by Victoria Hulbert, Class of 2016

When I’m not writing blog posts about all the details of my life, you can find me in the Emerson College Costume Shop, sewing and crafting three days a week. I work alongside Theater Design/Technology students to create costumes for the Emerson Stage Productions, and we recently finished the year with Shakespeare’s The Two Gentleman of Verona. It was set in the 1970s, and I was tie dying for days.

I applied for a job as a Costume Assistant the first week I arrived at Emerson, and it has added just as much to my freshman experience as anything else I’ve done this year. Plus, even though I’m not a student in the Performing Arts department, I still got to be involved with many of the theatrical productions that go on around campus.

For me, having a job is more of a welcome change of pace from schoolwork than an added burden. It helps that my job is on-campus, so I can easily accommodate my class schedule or other Emerson-related obligations I might have. And, the commute to work is a simple trip next door from my dorm. There are tons of opportunities for on-campus employment and they’re easy to find. An online resource called eCampus lists post after post of on-campus jobs, and you can apply to them directly through your Emerson account. Fill out a few sentences on your experience, your class schedule and your references and press submit. The online portal even tells you when the application has been viewed and/or accepted. Easy as pie!

I have friends who work in the Iwasaki Library, the Fitness Center, in the academic departments, and as campus tour guides. A computer whiz who lives on my floor works at the IT Help Desk, and an international friend works in the office of Multicultural Student Affairs. Prefer to work off-campus? There are hundreds of restaurants and retail opportunities in Boston that thrive off of student employees.

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