Expecting Visitors

The following entry was written by Victoria Hulbert, Class of 2016.

My family arrived in Boston from Los Angeles on Tuesday of this week and I felt like I’d been counting down the days for the past three months. My mom, dad, and younger brother all helped me move into my dorm last August but since then have not been back to the East Coast. After nearly 8 months of living on my own across the country, I felt like I had the whole city to show them in so little time.

In planning for their visit, I compiled a few tips for students with visitors. Whether you’re hosting friends from home or family members, these pointers will hopefully help make the most of their time in Beantown.

A student and her parents during Family Weekend1. Show them a side of Boston they wouldn’t see as a tourist.
You are the best tour guide for the job! Show your guest the best parts of Boston through the eyes of someone who actually lives there. Give them a taste of your day-to-day life.

2. Walk everywhere.
As much as taking the T is an experience in itself, Boston is small enough that walking everywhere is doable — especially in nice weather like we had this weekend. It’s a great way to stumble upon hidden shops or restaurants you’d never noticed.

3. Integrate them into college life.
Introduce your visitors to your new Emerson friends. Make everyone a part of the same experience by eating together in the Emerson Cafe or checking out an Emerson performance. It helps parents and friends to know you’ve found people you can connect with.

4. Know the rules.
Your guests are probably as interested in seeing where you live as they are in the city of Boston, but be aware of Emerson’s housing policies. For example, your visitors may want to get a hotel if they are visiting for longer than three days, or if you cannot check them in and out of the dorm with you every time you need to leave.

5. Don’t stress about fitting in everything little thing.
It’s likely that this won’t be your visitor’s only trip to Boston. Don’t fret if the Freedom Trail doesn’t make it into onto the itinerary or the museum you really wanted to show them was closed. Enjoy your guests as much as the things you’re doing with them and be flexible if something doesn’t go according to plan.

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