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The following entry was written by Victoria Hulbert, Class of 2016.

In the past week alone I’ve taken advantage of two wonderful student resources that Emerson offers: the IT Help Desk and the Writing & Academic Resource Center. It’s been a busy week, to say the least.

Let me give you a little back story: I’m currently taking an Introduction to Research Writing class (required for all freshman) where our semester-long endeavor to develop writing skills is a “profile project.” We chose a subject and spent many hours researching and designing a final profile piece – think along the lines of a National Geographic spread. After I had toiled over nine well-designed and well-researched pages of information and pictures, my document entirely disappeared from my hard drive.

Yes, I did press ‘save’ many times. I swear the document just vanished, poof! I’d been working on the profile for over a week and it was due the next morning. I stared at the blank computer screen in shock. But before I could crumble into tears my roommate suggested taking my computer to the IT Help Desk.

A student getting help at the IT Help Desk

A student getting help at the IT Help Desk

Located in our campus’ Walker Building and open until midnight on weeknights, the IT Help Desk is literally the light at the end of the tunnel for technology gone awry. IT helps students work through maintenance problems with their personal computers and they also oversee several of the computer and software labs on campus. The bottom line is that if anything goes wrong with your technology, you can count on them to do their best to fix it. I handed over my computer, the IT student worker made a few clicks here and few clicks there… and my project was back! I wanted to jump over the desk and give the whole staff a big hug.

After submitting my profile to my professor online (much to my relief), my next task of the week was a paper for Dress Codes, the class I’m taking to fulfill my Aesthetic Perspective requirement. That’s where the Writing & Academic Resource Writing Center came in. Although I’d never been, a friend of mine raved about her experience there earlier in the week. She insisted they were a big reason she took home an ‘A’ on a major assignment.

The WARC, housed in 216 Tremont (formerly the Union Savings Building), is a place where everyone feels welcome to seek out help. Appointments are included as a student service in the tuition fees and are completely confidential. During my session, the discussion was entirely driven by my own ideas. The graduate student who assisted me really listened, and together we worked through each part of the paper piece by piece. I learned some strategies for making revisions and noted areas that needed improvement. If I get an A, it’s because of them.

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