Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

The following entry was written by Victoria Hulbert, Class of 2016.

The dorms are slowly emptying as everyone packs up and heads out for Spring Break. My roommate and I are some of the last ones here on our floor and we’ve both been staring at our empty suitcases for a few hours now.

New York CityI’m from Los Angeles, and after traveling home from Boston for Thanksgiving and winter break I’ve grown weary of the long and expensive journey home for only a short stay. The East Coast is new to me, so I’ve got a lot yet to see on this side of the country. That was the logic behind my decision to stay close to Emerson for Spring Break: I’ll be spending the first half of the week in New York City with a friend who goes to Pace University. I’ll then jump on a train to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to stay with another friend for the second half.

Growing up in such a large state, it always amazes me how little you have to travel to get around the East Coast. It’s so easy and cheap to see other cities on just a quick weekend trip. I think all students, especially those who hail from other parts of the country, should take full advantage of local travel while we have so much time and opportunity. One of the unexpected benefits of choosing to attend college far from my hometown is that I’ve been able to meet friends who are excited to show me what their hometown is like. It’s unfamiliar and wonderful, and I continue to learn about experiences unlike my own.

All in all, this has proven to be a bargain vacation. My one-way bus ticket to New York City only cost $25 and my Amtrak train ticket from there to Harrisburg, PA was a reasonable $50. I’ll be staying with friends for free at both destinations and will really only need money for food and any fun tourism. I’m also budgeting by planning on free student admission to activities like museums. It doesn’t hurt to have a friend who serves as your local tour guide, too.

I’m ready for the adventure and am looking forward to meeting up with friends and exploring another great city together. Spring Break 2013 here we come!

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