Advice from One Transfer Student to Another

The following entry was written by Mario Delgado, Class of 2013.

Transferring to Emerson was one of the best life decisions I’ve made. However, with great change comes great responsibility, especially for students (like me) who have already completed one to two years of college. Here are a couple tips for anyone considering a college transfer.

Even though everything is going to feel new, you’re no longer a freshman who is just beginning your college career. Get down to brass tacks: whatever you decide to do, decide early on. That means if you’re planning to study abroad, you should already know the deadlines and the required application process for the program you’re interested in. Be pro-active, research, and reach out about the things you know you want to pursue. The most successful Emerson students are those who are eager to make the most out of their college experience and take initiative on projects and opportunities of personal interest.

Therefore, the same applies for organizations. Many students set out to join an organization because they provide great experience and make for a fantastic resume item. But in order to rise in the ranks to a board member position, you have to be committed and know the ins and outs of your organization. My advice is to pick 2 or 3 organizations that are meaningful to you. Follow through with them from the get-go and stick with them for the remainder of your Emerson career.

Boston mapFinding housing can be one of the most intimidating factors as a transfer student. But it need not be as scary as it sounds. Take advantage of the great resources Emerson offers to transfer students for easing the transition into Boston. I highly recommend attending one of the Summer Housing workshops. There, you will be able to meet fellow transfer students and perhaps even a potential roommate. At the workshop you will be provided with loads of advice and assistance with what to expect in terms of price, neighborhoods, landlords, and more. If you’ve found your own roommates, your best option may be to hire a realtor and have them show you some listings. If you’re planning on looking for housing on your own, you can turn to Craigslist apartment listings for sublets or bedrooms available with existing tenants. You’ll make the most out of a housing search by combining the Summer Housing workshop with coordinated appointments with Craigslist landlords or roommates. Don’t forget that the Off-Campus Student Services office’s sole purpose is to assist students with finding off-campus housing. They’re a wealth of information and they’re open all summer!

One of my favorite experiences as a transfer student was transfer orientation. Transfer students have the rare opportunity to not only attend all the regular orientation activities, but also events that are geared specifically toward the transfer population. Attend the activities and don’t be shy about approaching and introducing yourself, because one of the best parts about transferring is the opportunity to meet new lifelong friends!

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