The Graduate – Part 2

The following entry was written by Max Peters, class of 2012. See Part 1 of Max’s story here.

Still in Los Angeles, I was living the dream of a successful actor and working an awesome day job at Disney, but I never stopped thinking about what my next move would be. I felt it was time to make a bold move forward. Knowing the safe choice would be to look for another assistant job, I decided to break away from the world of traditional employment and create something more personal and meaningful. After seeing the success I could create independently (like my work with the flash mob), I was hungry for a pet project I could call my own.

Seemingly out of the blue, I remembered a screenplay I had read a year and a half ago that had piqued my interest at the time. The screenplay, Alumnus, was written by my friend Kerri Donnelly ’11 as the culmination of her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Screenwriting from Emerson. I had originally read for one of the roles when Kerri was considering producing the script and was struck by the artful storytelling and rich characters. From just a partial read-through, I had been drawn so deeply into the lives of these characters, and it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks: this was the right time, and this was the project I had been looking for to help launch my independent career.

I e-mailed Kerri to ask about status of the script. Had anyone picked it up? To my surprise, she hadn’t done much with it since that table read back at Emerson before graduation. In what now seems like a totally crazy move, I told her without hesitation I was going to produce it. The wheels started turning and I sent the script my friend and classmate, Johan Anderson ’12.

Alumnus script

Alumnus ready for production.

I checked back in with Johan a few days later to see what he thought of the script and he told me he absolutely loved it – he was on board. I asked him what we should name our production company. The moment it all became real was when Johan replied, “This is your movie, Mr. Producer. What are you going to name your production company?”

Two weeks later Hotel Bar Pictures (a registered LLC), our film production company, was founded.

Stay tuned next week as Max talks about keeping up with his acting pursuits, forming Hotel Bar Pictures and diving into pre-production for Alumnus. For all the latest updates from Max and Hotel Bar Pictures, find him on Twitter @MaxwellPeters and @HotelBarPics.

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