The Graduate – Part 1

The following entry was written by Max Peters, class of 2012.

Like most Emerson graduates, I left my alma mater with a feeling of invincibility: I was more than ready to conquer the world as I finished up my coursework at Emerson’s Los Angeles Program. But I couldn’t possibly have predicted what the next year would have in store; this is the story of where life after Emerson has taken me in the worlds of television, film, and just about every other niche of entertainment production.

Conquering the world immediately post-grad meant, in my case, six months at the Disney Channel where I oversaw the day-to-day management of Disney’s large talent roster and casting. I handled all of The Disney Channel and Disney XD’s original movies and series including Girl Meets World and The Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion Special.

Max opposite Mike Rowe in a national Ford commercial

Max opposite Mike Rowe in a national Ford commercial

Despite my great gig Disney, I was surprised by a sudden nagging feeling that I just wasn’t doing enough. Maybe it was being around the talent at Disney (or maybe it was just living in Los Angeles), but all of a sudden I felt compelled to add acting to my plate. I graduated from Emerson with a degree in Marketing Communication, so as you might expect I found myself scraping together a pretty short acting resume and taking fresh headshots. I would go out on auditions after work and on the weekends. Within a few weeks I had booked a role in a show at a small theatre in Hollywood, and a leading role in a national commercial for the Ford Motor Company opposite Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs!

Max dances Gangnam Style with 'Extra' star and Emerson alumna Maria Menounos.

Max (in Emerson shirt) dances Gangnam Style with ‘Extra’ star and Emerson alumna Maria Menounos.

Meanwhile, I continued working behind the camera on any project that came my way. An especially unique opportunity presented itself when my friend Pat Lambert, also a 2012 Emerson graduate, called to ask if I could help choreograph a flash mob for Extra TV. I excitedly agreed and found myself alongside a team of Emerson Alumni including Pat, Maria Menounous ’00, and Marrin Goodall ’12. The task was to organize over 1000 people at The Grove in Los Angeles to participate in Extra TV’s Gangnam Style flash mob featuring the K-Pop and YouTube superstar, Psy. It generated a ton of press and was a huge success. You can watch the video here (and you can see Pat and I in the behind-the-scenes video)!

Stay tuned next week as Max talks about choosing to pick up a huge independent project. For all the latest updates from Max, find him on Twitter @MaxwellPeters.

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