City Smarts: Staying Safe in Boston

Coming to Boston may be a slightly frightening prospect, especially if you are not necessarily used to city life. But the Orientation staff is here to reassure you that as long as you exercise common sense and are aware of your surroundings, Boston can be a safe and comfortable place to live! Just use what we like to call city smarts. Acting wisely and cautiously will go a long way to ease your fears.

-Keep your student ID with you at all times! 
-Always keep your door locked in your home or residence hall, even if you’re only going to be away for a short time.
-Lock or secure windows when you are alone or asleep.
-Don’t prop your door, that way unwelcome visitors won’t be allowed to enter.
-Don’t let strangers to enter the premises.
-If someone asks to use your phone for an emergency, offer to call for them instead of handing over your phone.
-Keep emergency numbers by your phone.
-Don’t leave messages on your door or Facebook profile indicating when you’ll be away.
-Don’t put your address on your key ring. That way if you lose your keys no one will be able to break in.
-Don’t leave keys in hiding places. Thieves might find them.
-If you are on campus and see suspicious activity call Public Safety (extension 8888). Off campus, use the emergency number of the city or town.
-Keep any ATM or credit cards in a safe place on your person.
-Always be aware of your possessions when carrying bags or parcels.
-Try to avoid walking alone at night, unless absolutely necessary. Use the buddy system!
-Keep to well-lit, well-traveled routes when moving about.
-Keep in mind the MBTA (the subway) hours – they run from 5:30 am to 12:30 am daily!
-If you feel threatened while walking, cross to the other side of the street or enter a business establishment around you.
-Walk with purpose.
-Always be aware of your surroundings.
-Avoid giving directions to people in cars. If you do, speak from a distance.

Those are only a few tips! If you’re interested in more safety tips or information about crime, check out the staying informed section of our Public Safety website here. There are many services and resources available to help you feel safe in Boston. For example, did you know Emerson has an escort service where the Emerson College Department of Public Safety will provide an on-campus walking safety escort for Emerson students and employees to all Emerson College buildings or to the T station (Green Line) at the corner of Tremont and Boylston streets? We also have a taxi voucher program so that if you are out after dark and would prefer to come back in a taxi you may sign out a voucher at the Public Safety Office and the cost will be billed to your student account.

Here at Emerson we’re all about safety first! If you have any questions about Emerson or its safety policies feel free to send us an email at

And don’t forget to check out the Emerson College Undergraduate Orientation 2012-2013 Facebook page here and group here, tweet at us @ecorientation and check us out on tumblr –

Stay tuned for next time when we discuss some things to do on and around campus!

Until next time!
Core Staff

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