The Secret Life of a Tour Guide

I’ve been working in Emerson’s Admission office for a few years now. I got hired my freshman year and as I start emailing my sorority’s alumni listserv to find a cap and gown to borrow for graduation, I find myself reflecting on the best job I’ve ever had. I was fortunate enough to get hired last year as one of the Student Supervisors after working in the office since my freshman year. I typically oversee the student scheduling for all our special events: the Open Houses, the April Preview aka Accepted Student Days, even Junior Days. And I love it.
This is the best and yet one of the most competitive student employment jobs you can scoop up here at Emerson. I mean, who doesn’t love talking about your major, your organizations, your interests in Boston. I have given hundreds of tours where I get to share my love for this school. And you may be thinking –is she getting paid to say all this? Well, I am getting paid yes, but I say I love Emerson, because I do. I wouldn’t work at a job where I was constantly asked that question if I didn’t.
I want other students across the state, the country, the world even, to get to know and experience Emerson College. I’m lucky to have come across such an awesome school. In my small southern town, no one had ever heard of Emerson, and even still sometimes people ask: “So, how’s Emory?”
And I don’t want someone to miss out on all the opportunity Emerson offers because they hadn’t heard of us! Emerson is a great school and working in this office has in so many ways help me “pay it forward” to other students: to give them a chance and peek into the life of being an Emersonian student. So if you find yourself here at Emerson College and you’re looking for a rewarding job with an absolutely amazing working staff with a camaraderie that finds us student workers getting together outside of the work place and outside of the classroom, then being a student admission representative is the perfect job for you!

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