Greek Life: Alpha Epsilon Phi

One of the greatest decisions that I have ever made was applying to Emerson College. My second was rushing Alpha Epsilon Phi.

Since I was younger, I always had a passion for the entertainment industry. This led me to pursue a career in broadcasting. I nearly broke my ankle running down the stairs to show my parents my acceptance letter to Emerson College. I promised myself that I would get involved as much as possible at Emerson. When I went to the organization fair during the second week of school, I was overwhelmed with the amount of activities that Emerson offered.

There were members of organizations holding purple and yellow balloons joyfully trying to get people to check out their tables. As I walked around the gym filled with over sixty tables set up, I held onto my friend so that we wouldn’t get separated. There were many eager freshmen like myself looking at all the organization tables, even if they didn’t apply to my major. As I signed up for many organizations, a girl approached me that was wearing the words Alpha Epsilon Phi on her shirt. She was extremely welcoming and asked me to check out her sorority table. My friends back home had been in sororities and told me about the amazing memories that they had with their “sisters”, so I must say I was interested.

As I walked to their table, which was filled with pink and green decorations, I realized how girly of a girl I am. It immediately caught my attention. They gave me a piece of paper that had the times of the sorority information sessions on it. I attended the first information session, and began to learn more about the sorority. It was the only national sorority at Emerson College, which I thought was interesting, and as I looked around the room, I realized that one of the girls in the sorority was a host on the television show that I watched in Piano Row earlier.

The next few weeks, I went to auditions for Emerson Channel and Emerson Independent Video and I saw those same girls that I saw at the information session in the sorority leading the events. I was impressed. I began to go to Fashion Society meetings, and there they were. I went to WEBN meetings, and there they were… leading the pack. I decided to rush the sorority and I had a really fun time. The week-long rush events included cheese and chatter, a tea party, game night and many more. As I began to get closer with the sisters of the sorority, I saw myself getting closer to the girls that I was rushing with. The night that I got a bid from the sorority, I could not stop smiling.

Once we started to pledge, that changed everything. I must admit, I do not think that I got much sleep over that period of time, but it was a part of my life that made me stronger. It tested me, and I realized how strong of a person I am. There was nothing but tears the night that I got initiated. The girls that I pledged with are my best friends. They saw me at my highest, and they saw me at my lowest. We all helped each other, and somehow pushed each other to the finish line. Now, I could never imagine my life without this sorority. Not only are the girls in this organization motivated, talented, down to earth and funny, but they offer connections from places all over the country. They are unique in their own little ways. As we watch each other grow in our college experience, I cannot wait to spend the rest of my four years at Emerson College with such a phenomenal group of girls that I can call my sisters.

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