Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program Launches

The Appreciation and Recognition Committee has announced the launch of the Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program. The committee solicited input from nearly 200 staff members as the program was created to ensure staff voices would be included and suggestions considered.

The program consists of three components. Community members are encouraged to send electronic thank-you notes to staff members, of which a copy will go to the recipient’s manager. For more formal recognition, each division will receive funds to create its own appreciation and recognition program. Vice presidents have been asked to form internal committees by the end of September to start developing these programs.

The monthly Emerson Award of Excellence is a monetary award of up to $1,000, given to an individual or team that has demonstrated excellence in their work. Any community member can nominate a staff member for the award. The Appreciation and Recognition Committee will select the recipients from those nominated by the 20th of each month. Submit your nominations for the first Award of Excellence by August 20!

More details about the three main components can be found at

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Amelio, Diversity and Inclusion; Peter Owens, Human Resources; Tricia Kennedy, Human Resources; or the Human Resources Service Center. Thank you for your help in continuing to build and sustain a culture of appreciation and recognition at Emerson by taking part in these programs.