#Chuckslist: Surplus with a Purpose


The #chuckslist channel on Slack provides offices and departments with an outlet to donate excess or unwanted supplies. The channel is an homage to both Emerson’s founder, Charles Wesley Emerson, and to Craigslist, an online platform for buying, selling, and trading used goods. Chuckslist was founded by Sustainability and Archives.

Chuckslist is available for staff and faculty use only and all postings should include a picture and brief description. All swapped items are to be kept within Emerson College; they cannot be removed from campus for personal use or resale. Please do not post any broken or damaged supplies. (You can find more information about how to get rid of broken and damaged unwanted items on Emerson’s recycling page.)

Examples of supplies include:
Office supplies (e.g., staplers, paper trimmers, calculators, scissors, binders)
Computer equipment and accessories (e.g., mouse pads, monitors, cables)
Printers, printer toners, and ink cartridges
Kitchen and breakroom supplies
Lamps and lighting

If you have any questions, contact Amy Elvidge.