Staff Honored at Appreciation Reception

One hundred and two staff received service awards at the annual staff appreciation reception at the Ritz-Carlton on June 2. Emerson College Today covered the event.

Congratulations to the following staff:

5 Years

5-Year Class

5-Year Class

Joe Arbeely, Institutional Advancement

Michael Arno, Housing and Residence Life

John Barrett, Athletics

Diana Barton, Television, Radio, and Film

Stuart Beacham, Office of the Arts

Sarah Benkendorf, Information Technology

John Borecki, Office of the Arts

Laurie Bramhall, Performing Arts

Erin Brennen, Athletics

Daniel Burmester, Performing Arts

Blaine Butler, Career Services

Jena Castro-Casbon, Communication Sciences and Disorders

David Colfer, Performing Arts

Bill Curley, Athletics

Jim Delaney, Visual and Media Arts

Ellen Duffer, Ploughshares

Michael Duggan, Institutional Research

Johnny Dunbar, Athletics

Kieran Fallon, Office of the Arts

Kimberly Forero-Arnias, Television, Radio, and Film

Rebecca Frank, Office of the Arts

Karla Fribley, Iwasaki Library

Rachel Gelaw, Human Resources

Maria Gutierrez, Facilities Management

Crystina Hammond, Human Resources

Shana Healy-Kern, Enrollment Services

Natalie Hebshie, Instructional Technology Group

Colleen Heffernan, Institute for Liberal Arts

Marc Herman, Iwasaki Library

Cate Hirschbiel, Iwasaki Library

Pierre Huberson, Television, Radio, and Film

Alexa Jackson, Human Resources

Takara Larsen, Housing and Residence Life

Devon Maddux, Office of the Arts

Ruthanne Madsen, Enrollment Services

Lenny Manzo, Visual and Media Arts

Kimberly Marcella, Human Resources

Nicole Martignetti, Writing, Literature and Publishing

Jason Meier, Student Life

Georgia Moridi, Business Services

Maureen Murphy, Administration and Finance

Susan Pottenger, Enrollment Services

Hanna Prudente, Office of the Arts

Petra Raposo, Iwasaki Library

Ben Read, Athletics

Stephanie Rondeau, Athletics

Elaine Rudel, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Marissa Shallcross, Career Services

Patrick Smith, Institutional Advancement

Adena Smith, Enrollment Services

Jennifer Stevens, Instructional Technology Group

Amanda Turnley, Housing and Residence Life

Mark Wallace, Office of the Arts

Ben Walsh, Office of the Arts

Heather Wise, Professional Studies and Special Programs

10 Years

10-Year Class

10-Year Class

Jason Allen-Forrest, Performing Arts

Eithia Berry, Property Management

Mario Carranza, Property Management

John DeGregorio, Media Services Center

Christina Dent, Iwasaki Library

Richelle Devereaux-Murray, Performing Arts

Tim Douglas, Academic Advising

Joan Fiore, Property Management

Ricardo Galdamez, Facilities Management

Gerry Garvin, Career Services

April Grivois, Television, Radio, and Film

Irina Korogodsky, Financial Affairs

Erik Kuenlen, Student Financial Services

Tikesha Morgan, Multicultural Student Affairs

Jane Pikor, Television, Radio, and Film

Jenn Pipp, Television, Radio, and Film

Eric Weiss, Performing Arts

Lisa Yaeger, Undergraduate Admission

15 Years

15-Year Class

15-Year Class

Thomas Boucher, Student Financial Services

Lynn Butkovsky, Academic Advising

Troy Chappelle, Police Department

Lynn Conners, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Ronald De Marco, Performing Arts

William DeWolf, Registrar

Sharon Duffy, Student Life

Phillip Glenn, School of Communication

Jaqi Holland, Lacerte Family Writing and Academic Resource Center

Elbert Lee, Media Services Center

Sandy Lu, Financial Affairs

Tim MacArthur, Television, Radio, and Film

Kerri McManus, Los Angeles Program

Mario Osorio, Facilities Management

20 Years

20-Year Class

20-Year Class

Jorge Coronado, Facilities Management

Clara Gaviria, Facilities Management

Peggy Ings, Government and Community Relations

Anne Isakson, Information Technology

Joseph Knoll, Facilities Management

Betsy Micucci, Communication Sciences
and Disorders

Marcos Pleitez, Facilities Management

Tony Presutti, Facilities Management

Margaret M. Rogan, Procurement

Anne Shaughnessy, Office of the President

25 Years

25-Year Class

25-Year Class

Ana Cruz, Facilities Management

John Vanderpol, Facilities Management

30 Years

30-Year Class

30-Year Class

Regina Alvarenga, Facilities Management

Keith Cornelius, Performing Arts

Anne Doyle, Academic Affairs

Photos by Diana Potter (Institutional Advancement)