Announcements: Presentations and Publications

  • Alayne Fiore (Diversity and Inclusion), Donna Heiland (President’s Office), Rob Sabal (School of the Arts), and Thomas Vogel (Marketing Communication faculty) joined colleagues from Lesley University, Clark University, and Skidmore College for a presentation at the 2016 American Association of Colleges and Universities’ annual conference in Washington, DC, on January 21. Their session, titled “The Creativity Commonwealth: Building Institutional Capacity for Transformation,” stemmed from conversations on creativity that started at Emerson College two years ago. The founding members of the Creativity Commonwealth consortium have developed a three-step process that helps colleges and universities understand and enhance their capacity to foster organizational creativity and organizational change, and they look forward to piloting the instrument at their individual institutions this spring.
  • Emily Zane (Communication Sciences and Disorders) has presented posters at two recent conferences: “Mixed Metaphors: ERP Responses to Abstract and Concrete Prepositional Phrases” at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting (New York, April 2016) and “On the Screen, in the Mind: An ERP Investigation into the Interaction Between Visuospatial Information and Spatial Language During Online Processing” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (Chicago, October 2015). She is also co-authoring and presenting two posters with other Emerson staff, students, and faculty at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore in May.
  • Kevin Fleming (Alumni Relations) has published his first children’s book, Reach for the Stars. He celebrated with a launch party in Granby, Connecticut, on April 9. In addition to purchasing the book, buyers can donate books to local underserved youth through his website.