Emerson360 Update

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Throughout the summer, department leaders and staff members have been working on the Emerson360: Community Climate Survey results and goal-setting process. The staff and faculty survey was administered last November, with a 66% response rate. It consisted of 64 statements divided into 16 categories with a five-point scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” as response choices.

A student survey of 35 questions divided into 4 categories was also done at that time and received a 34% response rate. Since then, Sylvia Spears and Robert Amelio (Diversity and Inclusion) have presented the results at several meetings and forums, including the Board of Trustees, the President’s Council, Academic Cabinet, Student Government Association, Graduate Student Association, and academic and administrative departments. The Campus Climate Committee has been meeting weekly to closely analyze the results, including the several hundred comments received as part of the survey.

Department heads and managers are working with their staff to create goals for their annual Inclusive Excellence plans based on their Emerson360 results, indicating actions they will take to improve low-scoring areas and what they will do to continue supporting high positive scores. Inclusive Excellence plans are due by August 30 for administrative departments and October 30 for academic departments. All goals will be posted on the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website at the Emerson360 link, which already includes information and results for both surveys.

A committee is being formed to review the student survey and will begin meeting in September.

Robert Amelio (Diversity and Inclusion)