2015 Staff Appreciation Reception

The annual staff appreciation reception was held on May 27 at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common. Congratulations to the 53 staff who received service recognition awards:

5 Years

5-Year Class

5-Year Class

Amy Ansell, Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies

Liliana Ballesteros, Creative Services

Caitlin Courtney, Housing and Residence Life

Turi Daoust, Emerson College Los Angeles

Alessandro Goncalves, Facilities Management

Sandy Gonzalez, Academic Affairs

Steven Martin, Student Life

Christine McComb, Athletics

Carole McFall, Communications and Marketing

Harry Nestor, Property Management

Amanda Nicoles, Athletics

Christopher Norfleet, Student Financial Services

Robert Orchard, Office of the Arts

Laura Owen, Center for Health and Wellness

Diane Paxton, Disability Services

Ron Smithers, Athletics

Karen Uminski, Student Financial Services

Sean Van Deuren, Engagement Lab

Lynnet D. Weddas, Student Financial Services

Benyam Wessenyeleh, Property Management

Nerissa Williams, Television, Radio, and Film Operations

Roy Wilson, Television, Radio, and Film Operations

10 Years

10-Year Class

10-Year Class

Antonio Ascenso, Television, Radio, and Film Operations

Jack Casey, WERS

Alayne Fiore, Diversity and Inclusion

Maurice Gagnon, Facilities Management

Seth Grue, Housing and Residence Life

Phil McElroy, Athletics

Oscar Ormaechea, Emerson College Los Angeles

Anwar Pinckney, Property Management

Maria Portillo, Facilities Management

Betsy Facher Rauch, Diversity and Inclusion

Bryce Riner, Information Technology

Jonathan “Satch” Satriale, School of Communication

Chris Serwacki, Development and Alumni Relations

Eric Sykes, Enrollment Management

Amanda Wade, Registrar

Michelle Ziomek, Business Services

15 Years

15-Year Class

15-Year Class

Rhea Becker, Communications and Marketing

Jodi Burrel, Lacerte Family Writing and Academic Resource Center

Michael Charewicz, Prospect Management and Research

Joe Sweeney, Television, Radio, and Film Engineering

Tori Weston, Professional Studies and Special Programs

20 Years

20-Year Class

20-Year Class

Linda Best, Payroll

Michael Koulalis, Television, Radio, and Film Engineering

Virga Mohsini, International Student Affairs

Donna Ott, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Cheryl Schaffer, Media Services Center

25 Years

25-Year Class

25-Year Class

Sofia Belenky, Information Technology

30 Years

30-Year Class

30-Year Class

Sandy Cohn Thau, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hugh Gilbert, Telecommunications

Bill Gilligan, Information Technology

David Griffin, Education Abroad and Domestic Programs


Photos taken by Dan O’Brien