IT Gmail Update: Final Reminder

Just another reminder that we have begun migrating your mail to Gmail today, and at 10pm on Sunday, we will disable mail to Microsoft Exchange and send it exclusively to Gmail!

You can log into your account now with your address and password. When you log in, you’ll see all but your latest email and calendar, which we’ll be migrating throughout the weekend. Feel free to set up your signature, mail rules, vacation responder, photo, forward, and any other settings you’d like to adjust.

Any email conducted over the weekend should be done in Microsoft Exchange. After 10pm on Sunday, your Exchange/Outlook account will no longer be able to receive or send email and you should begin using your Gmail account.

By 10pm Sunday, you will be fully migrated to Gmail! For a time, we will allow you to access your old Exchange account in read-only mode for reference only.

Monday morning, remember to remove your Exchange account on your phone and add your Gmail account.

Visit our training resources for information about your email, calendar, and contacts:

Google Guides in your department, as well as IT support staff, will be available to assist throughout Monday and Tuesday.

To submit a ticket about an issue with Gmail, please visit and select either “Gmail Migration Problem” or “Gmail Help” in the drop down, depending on your issue.

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