It’s finally here! This Friday, June 2nd, we will start copying all mail from your Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) account into your new Gmail account, and at 10pm on Sunday, June 4th, all new mail will ONLY be delivered to Gmail.

WE WILL NOT BE MIGRATING TRASH, so if you have needed items in your Trash/Deleted Items, please move them to another folder. Gmail only retains Trash for 30 days.

Until June 4th at 10pm, please continue to use Microsoft Exchange to receive and reply to new mail. After 10pm, Microsoft Exchange will no longer receive new messages and you will no longer be able to send new messages. The account will remain in place for several weeks, but only for your reference.

If you were optionally forwarding your email to a different address, after 10pm on Sunday June 4th, the forward will be disabled. If you wish to continue forwarding, you will need to set it up again in Gmail. We ask that Staff do not forward email to personal accounts.

While new messages won’t be delivered to your Gmail until June 4th at 10pm, you can still log in on Friday, June 2nd and start prepping your mailbox!

To log into Gmail, simply go to and enter your email address. You will be taken to Emerson’s Duo login screen—log in with your Emerson account (firstname_lastname and password).

Click the gear in the top right hand corner and go to Settings. To start, you should:

  • Set your email signature (under the General tab).
  • Set any mail handling rules (under the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab).
  • Set a photo (under the General tab).
  • Set up forwarding to a different address (under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab). Does not apply to Staff.

If you access email on your mobile device, you will have to remove your old Emerson email account, and re-add the new Google account (or install and use the Gmail app). The same applies to desktop clients, such as Apple Mail and Outlook, but we strongly urge you to move to the Gmail web interface for desktop – this is the best way to take advantage of all Gmail features and the most flexible platform from any computer!

For instructions on configuring your devices and all other training materials, please visit

If you are faculty or staff, we have also trained “Google Guides” across campus to aid in your department’s transition. Please visit our Q&A for a complete list of Google Guides at Emerson, as well as our Summer training schedule:

To submit a request about an issue with Gmail, please visit and select either “Gmail Migration Problem” or “Gmail Help” in the drop down, depending on your issue.

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