Lab Operations: A Year in Review


Ah, summertime! A great time to reflect on the past year and have some fun with data. Pulling reports from our print server (Pharos), our ticketing system (Footprints) and data from the computers in our classrooms, labs and kiosks (LabStats) we thought it would be fun to share some statistics from the past year.


While many of us strive to go green these days, our campus printers are still seeing a lot of use. During the Spring 2015 semester alone, there were over 65,000 transactions and 423,000 pages printed!



Back in February, we posted our Customer Service Report for the Fall 2014 semester which included total tickets that Emerson IT took in (over 5,300!) Here, we are honing in specifically on tickets that were resolved by the Lab Operations staff. Between September 2014 and May 2015, our team resolved 871 tickets. The chart below also lists out the total tickets resolved per lab space. Most active space? Library. Runner up? Kiosks.




According to the data, between September 2014 and May 2015 we welcomed over 5,200 unique users across all lab and classroom spaces. The computers were used in total for about 11,400 days with an average session length of 2 hours 39 minutes. We’re not surprised that the most popular app was Google Chrome, or that the most popular space was the reference kiosks in the library, but we are interested to see that the most popular computer station, used by 55 users for a total of 108 days, is station 3 in the CAD Lab.

The total logins per lab are also reported below. Kiosks are the clear and away winner, with 34,019 logins over the course of the year. Since the kiosks are generally used for quick print jobs or checking email, this makes sense. It is also understandable that the classroom computers would have a high number of logins since instructors cycle through those spaces regularly every day.




We can’t wait to see what the Fall 2015 semester brings! If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments below, tweet @EmersonIT, or email!


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