IT Customer Service Report, Fall 2014 Wrapup

As part of IT’s Service Excellence Commitment, we’ve pledged to regularly review statistics on response time, resolution time, and user satisfaction. We do that weekly, and we’d like to share some of that data with the community. Now that we’re settling into the Spring semester, let’s take a look back at the Fall 2014 semester.


Top Issues and Submission Methods

We had two big questions we were looking to answer at the end of the semester. What are the main issues everyone is reporting to us? And how are they reporting it?

By a pretty healthy margin, we’re getting the most calls for Hardware problems on campus. This includes most any computer problem that’s not software related. If you were to call the Help Desk about a slow computer, or a printer, or a peripheral, these are all categorized under Hardware, so this makes a lot of sense. Our next largest category, “Online Systems”, encompasses a few different large services, such as ECmail, Canvas, Median, and Spacebook. So, it’s no surprise that’s a huge category!

And how do people prefer to report problems to us? Overwhelmingly, our tickets still come in by phone. Since we introduced our Self-Service ticketing, those have also become very popular! A good number of people also prefer to simply walk into the Help Desk and report their problem in person! Of course, much of that depends on circumstance, what the problem is, and where you happen to be at the time.

Total IT Tickets

From 8/25 to 12/16, IT took in 5,489 tickets! This includes walk-ups to the Help Desk, phone calls, email requests, and self-service initiated tickets. As well as tickets IT staff entered for work we were asked to do. That’s an average of just over 343 every week!


Response Times

Over four months, and factoring in business hours, we averaged 13.5 hours to first response. Importantly, this is an average over all IT tickets – not every kind of ticket requires an immediate customer email, and this does not mean that we weren’t working on the ticket inside of those 13 hours. One of our departmental goals, however, has been to increase our customer communication levels, so we’re looking for this number to go down.

We averaged just under 22 hours until resolution, which again, is across all departments of IT. You’ll also see some long-term project-based tickets listed below.

Average business time to first response: 0 day(s) 13 hour(s) 32 minute(s)

Average business time to resolution: 0 day(s) 21 hour(s) 48 minute(s)

When you’ve emailed, we do our best to answer you as quickly as possible! We found a median realtime response time of 2.9 hours, and a median business hours response time of 0.9 hours.

This is good, but the median represents the middle value of all the highest and lowest values. What we also found, though, was a great degree of variability outside of that median, so the highest and lowest values were quite far off from the median value. In other words, a lot of people got responses in as little as an hour, but a lot of people were left waiting between 12 and 18 hours as well. This was an interesting finding for us, and we’re working to improve this for this semester and beyond.


Customer Satisfaction

After you’ve called the Help Desk or sent us an email, we frequently will follow up with you with a survey request. These are especially important for us as they help us better understand how we’re doing and help us learn how to improve when we don’t meet your expectations.

So how did we do? We had a total of 396 survey responses over the semester, and 314 of them rated their experience as Very Satisfactory! 62 rated Satisfactory, 10 Neutral, and 6 Unsatisfactory. Only 4 people rated their experience as Very Unsatisfactory. We followed up with people when appropriate, but each time there was a negative survey, we discussed it, and tried to find a takeaway to improve.

2.5% / 2.5% / 95%

Our email surveys come separately from Help Desk ticket surveys, so those aren’t included above. For those, we got a total of 190 responses, and only 3 rated their experience as Unsatisfactory!

1.6% / 98.4%

IT takes these statistics very seriously, and we’re looking forward to being able to share more at the end of the Spring semester! If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments below, @EmersonIT, or!

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