Email Spam Attacks – Be Careful!

Members of the Emerson Community may have received an email with the subject beginning with “Fax…” with either attached documents or links claiming to be a fax. Several weeks ago, there were similar emails like this that claimed to be voicemails.

Like all malicious spam, these attachments and/or links contain software that seeks to compromise your account and your computer, and must not be opened.

If you have already opened the attachments or followed the links, please change your password immediately at and contact the Help Desk.

This is a classification of spam known as “Snowshoe” that’s being reported from multiple businesses and institutions, and that spam prevention providers (including Emerson’s, powered by Sophos) are working to reliably filter.

Given this, it’s especially important that users take extra caution, both with their personal and business email, to not open any suspicious messages. Always err on the side of caution.

Again, if you need to change your password, you can do so at, and feel free to contact the IT Help Desk with any questions by phone at 617-824-8080 or online at

Have a nice day and a happy Thanksgiving!

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