IT Downtime During December Break (Dec. 28th)

Good afternoon,

IT is pleased to announce that we are moving all campus servers and core networking equipment to a large-scale IT facility at 1 Summer Street (the Markley Group) in Downtown Crossing. The Markley Group is a widely used and trusted data center – having our IT infrastructure housed at this high-end facility will increase the resilience of our critical campus technology.

Bose Corporation

To limit inconvenience, we have scheduled the move to be conducted during the holiday break in December. The operation will require that we bring down all IT services on Sunday, December 28th between 6am and noon.

The Emerson website,, will remain up, but all other IT services will be down. This includes, but is not limited to, email, Banner, eCommon, Canvas, Median, Cabinet, and Pages, as well as outside services that rely on Emerson usernames and passwords, such as Google Apps for Education, SchoolDude, and Course Evaluations.
Users who visit these services will see a notice explaining the downtime and when to check back. All email messages sent to Emerson users during the downtime will be queued and delivered when the mail system is back online.

For questions or concerns prior to the move, please email or call the Help Desk. For more on the Markley Group, please visit
We will send a notice when all services are back online.

Thanks very much for working with us!

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