Welcome students!

From Emerson IT, welcome! Or if you’re a returning student, welcome back!

As you get settled on campus, you may have questions about how to connect to our services, and we want to make sure you know how to get in touch with us.

Call us, email us, tweet us – we’re always here to help!

You can also use our IT Help Center at it.emerson.edu/help, which allows you to submit a trouble ticket without calling the Help Desk, or send us comments or other questions.

Connecting to ECwireless?

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Select ECwireless from your list of available wireless networks
  2. Enter your Emerson username and password to authenticate
  3. Accept and trust the certificate if you are presented with one



Online Help Guides

We have a long list of Guides available on our website at it.emerson.edu to help you every day!


Computer Labs

At it.emerson.edu/labs, you can find a list of all of Emerson IT’s computer labs as well as:


New Student Technology Guide

Make sure to check out the New Student Technology Guide!

It’s got tons of useful information and best practices.

What’s New this semester?


Emerson’s entire email system has been upgraded, and one of its best features is an all new and enhanced ECmail Webapp, at ecmail.emerson.edu.

You can access all of your email here as well as your calendar, and it replicates features of most regular email clients. In fact, many people use the Webapp exclusively to access their ECmail!

What do you do when you forget your password? You need to get an authorization code to reset it on your own.

Now, in addition to receiving on at your email address outside of Emerson, you can also get one by text message!

ECwireless, in addition to a 5GHz makeover across campus, received some major upgrades in the Little Building this summer, so look for better coverage and better reliability!

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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