Upcoming Changes to Median

I’m very excited to announce that there’s a new version of Median coming out next week on Monday, September 1st. The two primary updates are a refreshed interface along with a more versatile backend. The functionality of the site will remain mostly identical, it’ll just look a little cleaner. In addition, I’ve created a brand new custom video player to further accommodate the use of subtitles by online courses.

Median 6 Player

Last year Median crashed a few times due to heavy load, especially during the EVVYs submission week. It has been my goal with this new version of Median to improve stability by separating out the different mechanisms behind Median’s operations. For example, the files themselves that make up Median entries are now stored independently of the upload processes, the streaming processes, and the website itself.

Median 6

This means one piece can fail — such as uploading — without bringing all of Median down with it. Furthermore, additional servers can be “spun up” on demand to accommodate periods of high use to make sure that everyone can upload to Median without worrying about it crashing.

I’ll be continuing to improve median over the course of the year based on feedback from staff, faculty, and students. Please do not hesitate to use our online Help Center to send in feedback of your own if there are features you’d like to see! Thanks for using Median and making it such a unique Emerson experience.

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