Internet Explorer Security Advisory

IE Security AdvisoryUPDATE 5/2: Microsoft has released an emergency patch for this vulnerability!

Microsoft has discovered a security vulnerability in its web browser, Internet Explorer. When a person visits a malicious or compromised website using Internet Explorer versions 6 and above, attackers could gain full access to the person’s computer and information.

Microsoft has not released an official fix yet, therefore Emerson IT recommends avoiding the use of Internet Explorer when websites/applications do not require it. Other common web browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) are not affected.

If your home computer is still running Windows XP, be aware that Microsoft will never release a fix for this vulnerability. Microsoft has discontinued all support for Windows XP, and recommends upgrading Windows immediately.

We will update this blog when Microsoft releases a fix for all other versions of Windows. Please check our blog regularly as a reliable resource for news and recommended actions as new security threats are discovered.

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