Changes to Emerson IT Emails

At Emerson IT, we’re always looking to improve the way we do things. Most recently, we’ve been looking at our email template. This is the visual style of the emails that you receive from us, either as IT announcements or tickets. It’s hard to miss, with a large purple banner at the top!

Our goal was always to have a distinctive look to our messages to help you recognize them, and more importantly, to help you recognize messages that aren’t from us. Phishing emails are always a big problem, but the template can help you recognize when an email is not legitimate and should not be trusted. However, we received feedback that the email in its current form obscured the content of the message with a huge banner. This is typically referred to as “the fold,” the point at which people must scroll in order to read anything else, and most people find it pretty inconvenient!

In response to your feedback, here’s our new version:

Emerson IT's New Email Template

It’s cleaner, easier to read, and the content starts almost immediately. From now on, this email will take over for all IT announcements and ticket emails, so make sure you look for this template. We hope you like this new version and it makes a difference!

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