IT Staff Changes and Technology Enhancement Initiatives

Welcome back and Happy New Year! The IT staff is excited to share what we have been working on and recent staff changes.


  • We have a new Interim Director of Networking and Telecommunications, our long time staff member Frankie Frain (‘08, MFA ‘12), who has climbed the ranks from student Help Desk Technician.
  • We have five new staff members: Haiyan Wang, Senior Software Applications Developer; Steven Rossi, Senior Software Applications Developer; Thomas Barry, Business Intelligence Applications Administrator; Jacob Wen (‘10), Lab Support Services Analyst; Dennis Levine, Network and Security Administrator.


  • On January 2nd, we added ECwireless 5GHz as a secondary wireless network, increasing options for 5GHz compatible devices. ECwireless will continue to support all wireless devices.
  • The Media Services team moved from the third floor of the Ansin building up to the fourth floor, down the hall from the main IT offices.
  • Our online IT Help Center has launched, providing self-service options for all Emerson users.
  • We are replacing our aging phone system with a new campus-wide Voice-over-IP phone system, as well as a new electronic fax solution, over the next several months. The new phone system will add e-mail compatibility and mobile call integration.
  • We held an IT Fair and are going to hold another one in February. The next IT Fair will be open to staff, faculty, and students.
  • We’re continuing to encourage staff, faculty, and students to use the free subscriptions that we’ve made available, for convenient and self-paced skills training.
  • We successfully launched the new Open Calls project collaboration tool, which aims to replace the need for the student poster tackboards around campus.
  • Our installation of Microsoft Exchange (which holds user email and calendar data) has been upgraded to 2013, improving features and reliability. We are still in the process of migrating users to the new system.
  • We successfully implemented the new Password Policy which eases requirements and eliminates password expiration.

For more updates and upcoming workshops, keep tabs on this blog! Please do not hesitate to send us any feedback via our online IT Help Center.

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