Emerson IT 2.0, Part 3: Ticketing and Help Center

We’ve been working very hard over the past year to streamline our problem-solving process within IT. A huge part of that has been adopting an internal ticketing solution for every single problem that comes up, whether it’s someone walking into the Help Desk needing to set up ECwireless on their laptop, or a catastrophic network failure that takes down the whole campus. All of the issues we face in IT are entered as tickets into an application called Footprints.

If you have interacted with the Help Desk recently, you have already gotten emails from IT about status updates to your “support ticket”. These emails are formatted like all IT communications and you can even view the status of your tickets on the new IT website. This is a part of an ongoing strategy to centralize all of our problem solving and be able to track how long it takes to resolve issues, how often certain issues come up, and where we need to be dedicating our resources.

One of the final rollout steps is implementing an IT Help Center at http://it.emerson.edu/help/ (also accessible via http://it.emerson.edu/support/) for the whole Emerson community. What does this mean? You (yes, you) being able to send us support requests, instead of having to call the Help Desk, email helpdesk@emerson.edu, tweet at @EmersonIT, or hope you run into an IT staff member on the sidewalk. The Help Center is simply an online form which anyone with an Emerson account can access and submit support requests, ensuring that they are auto-created as trackable tickets in our system.

IT Help Center

This will ensure you get help faster by categorizing your problem and telling us how you’d like to be contacted about it. Our ticketing system is smart enough to auto-escalate issues to the relevant people no matter where the ticket comes from, and set the urgency of the issue based on what was entered. However, if you are having an urgent issue, it will always be the best practice to call the Help Desk immediately instead of using any online form. Also, one of our aims is to decommission the helpdesk@emerson.edu method of reporting problems and replace it with this smarter Help Center form.

The Help Center form can also be used to send us feedback or questions about whatever you want. If you have a nagging IT-related question and don’t feel like giving us a call, feel free to submit your question through the Help Center form under the “Feedback” tab. Eventually, we also plan on incorporating a Project Request feature for much larger issues or ideas.

As always, let us know what you think by tweeting us via @EmersonIT or through the aforementioned “Feedback” tab on the Support Portal.

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