Open Calls

IT is excited to announce the launch of a new website which aims to replace all of the poster tackboards around campus. They fill up really quickly, and we always wished there could be a database of the projects for easy searching and filtering. We have filmmakers here in IT who have used services like New England Actor to find talent for projects, and it begged the question: why doesn’t Emerson have a service like this? We have hundreds of students working on film and stage projects (whether for class or for fun), and likewise hundreds of young student actors looking for work to put in their resume.

To answer this, we’ve built Open Calls, a website developed by Emerson College for connecting actors, cinematographers, stage directors, producers, and filmmakers with one another for projects. Students can easily create profiles on the site, advertising themselves as interested in participating in film or stage projects at Emerson, with information about who they are, what their skills are, and when they would be available for acting, directing, or shooting. Conversely, students can publish their projects, with a description of what it is, when it will take place, and what the project needs are.

Open Calls is designed for project leaders who are looking for participants, AND students who are looking for projects, to search for projects that line up with their interests and schedule. All users are able to publish photos and easily embed Vimeo or Median videos (of acting or cinematography reels, or trailers for the projects, for instance) by posting a link to them in their profile or project. The more students who use Open Calls, the more effective it will be, as filmmakers and actors will save time by searching quickly for compatible projects and volunteers.

Open Calls is being built and maintained by the same guy who built Median and IT’s new website. Like Median, Open Calls is currently available only for Emerson users. By default, your projects are public, but only Emerson users can apply for positions and make their own projects and profiles. Since this is Open Call’s first live semester, we’d very much like feedback, which you can send to If you have any issues with the site, please do not hesitate to contact that email address or the IT Help Desk.

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