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Good news, everyone!

Emerson College is partnering with to provide access for Emerson’s Students, Faculty and Staff to LyndaCampus.

LyndaCampus provides members with:

  • Unlimited access to over 1,400 courses and 60,000 tutorials on a wide variety of technology and disciplines – searchable by software, author, or by subject.
  • Access to download all instructor sample and exercise files.
  • New courses added every week at no additional cost.

To Access LyndaCampus:

  1. Create a profile on*. You must do this when on campus the first time, for it to work elsewhere.
    To create a profile, please go to – Click create a profile.
  2. You will be prompted to create a username and password. The Username must be your full Emerson email address.
    (The password is your choice. It does not have to be your Emerson password.)
  3. Login into using the your Emerson school email address and the password you entered at profile creation.

* If you already have a profile, click create a profile, and then follow the link that says “If you already have a profile, please log in.”

Once your account profile is created on campus you will have access both on and off campus by going to

Already have your own account?

If you have already paid for you are likely eligible for a refund. You can do this through‘s Customer Service.

Customer Service – Refund for existing account.
Toll Free 888-335-9632 EXT 681

Need help while using LyndaCampus?

If you have any technical issues playing back or otherwise viewing content, help is available through‘s Technical Support:

Technical Support – Account problems, content viewing or technical issues:
Toll Free 888-335-9632 Ext 682

As always, the IT Help Desk is available for your computing needs, 617-824-8080.

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