Median 5, Upcoming

Update: the actual upgrade to Median 5 is currently scheduled for Wednesday, August 29th. It hopefully will only take a few hours, but downtime may be 24-48 hours.

Every summer I like to assess the state of Median, and this summer I’m working on the next major release, version 5. I’ve been making steady incremental changes to Median 4 since its launch, but I have a few big features that’ll bring some new and fresh to Median. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major planned changes:

  • Another brand new beautiful interface, this time one that is responsive and minimal.
  • The design will automatically scale down to a mobile-friendly version without needing to go to a different “mobile” page.
  • Rework of backend code with a new database layer (MongoDB instead of MSSQL).
  • Basic LTI support for interoperability with the upcoming LMS system, Canvas.
  • One very simple upload wizard – no more batch vs regular vs link vs request wizards – that will feature “step one and ya done” submitting.
  • Ability to swap-out existing video, plus custom thumbnails for videos.
  • Playlists / channels / slideshows.
  • Extended options for showing who is the “owner” of an entry, whether it’s an individual user or a group.

These are the planned major features, but there are a ton of small features that’ll make it in there as well. There are also a few small features that will be removed from Median, ones that were neat but never actually used. I’m trying to rebuild Median to better suit its core uses in order to increase speed and remove clutter.

And finally, here are a couple preview screenshots!

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