Spotlight on a lab: Tufte Lab

Here at Emerson, we have numerous computer labs on campus providing you with resources for your academic pursuits. But which lab is the best lab? Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for. In this lab spotlight, I’m going to highlight what I think makes the Tufte lab a little oasis of awesome.

The Tufte lab is located in room 409 of the Ansin building. That’s right, the Ansin building. It’s not named that way to confuse you, it’s just that the generous Mary E. Tufte donated funds that made the lab possible back in 1994, almost a decade before the Tufte PPC opened.

You may not have heard of or visited the Tufte lab before, and I wouldn’t blame you. Honestly, what else is on the 4th floor of Ansin? Not much that would bring students there (unless you want to gaze in on the machine room that Cyle mentioned in his Virtualize Everything post). Being tucked into a quiet corner of campus is precisely what makes the Tufte lab so awesome. It is the best space to go and get work done when you seriously want some quiet; probably even better than the Library. (Yes, I did go there.)

Even better, the Tufte is an “open-access” lab, which means that the registrar does not schedule classes there. It’s great to know that when you sit down to work on a project, you won’t be interrupted by an incoming class.

A great work environment isn’t all the lab has to offer. The Tufte has iMacs that you can easily set to run Windows 7, if that’s the platform you prefer. There are photo and document scanners, grayscale and color laser printers, plus a color inkjet photo printer. This makes it a great place to come print your photos when the Epsons in the ATL and APL are getting heavy use. (You know, like around finals.)

Did I mention that the restrooms are located just across the hall? Convenient.

So, next time you want to get things done, I recommend you make like the smart guy in this photo and get yourself to the Tufte lab.

Entrance to the Tufte Lab

The bench outside the Tufte is a pretty comfy spot for studying, too.

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