Linux and Web Dev Workshops

Cyle here! I’ll be teaching a day of workshops about linux and web development soon! One day, two workshops. Friday, April 20th, in the 3DL (on the first floor of the Ansin building).

I strongly encourage people to attend both sessions, as they kind of blend together into a bigger theme of practical high-level web development. But if you already know linux and just want to learn web development, or if you already know web development but don’t know linux, feel free to attend just one of the two. You don’t need to bring anything with you, I’ll be utilizing the computers in the lab, which should have everything we need.

Morning Session: Basic Linux Skills

The morning session will run from 11am to 12pm (possibly longer depending on how much we get done) and will cover the basics of using an Ubuntu linux server at the command line. I’ll cover how the vast majority of web servers are used, and the essentials to becoming a real “full stack” web developer and/or linux systems administrator. You’ll learn the shell, commands, the filesystem, and more. You’ll be given access to a real live linux server to play on while you learn!

Afternoon Session: Real Web Development

The afternoon session will run from 2pm to 3pm (again, possibly longer depending on how much we get done) and will cover what I call “real” web development. This will be a hybrid lecture and learning session, not so much “learn programming” but “learn development practices”. It will cover the “full stack” of development, from using an Apache server to using PHP and a MySQL database, and how they all work together. There will be some basic discussion of PHP programming and MySQL usage, but only an introductory offering. A real “learn PHP” workshop would take many hours. If you attended the earlier session, you will have the same live linux server to play on while I discuss each part of a web server. If you did not attend the earlier session, I’ll make a user for you at the beginning of the session.

After the afternoon session, I’d be happy to stick around in the lab for another hour and discuss any specific questions people have about web development, linux, systems architecture, whatever.

For further reading, or if you want to get a head start, these workshops are based largely on my Interweb Learning Series I wrote for people to learn web development:

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  1. fadi_alqudimi
    April 9, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    This sounds great. See you in the Real Web Development session.

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