WordPress at Emerson College

A few years ago, Emerson College finally got on the WordPress bandwagon and created a hosted WordPress server to serve as a blogging platform for faculty, staff, and students. It is located at word.emerson.edu, and is primarily run by ITG. We technically still have a Movable Type blogging server, but since the introduction of the WordPress server, ITG has been diligently migrating users to the new platform. Word, as the server is called, is simply a basic linux server running a Multisite installation of WordPress. When it was first created, it ran the third-party WordPress MU package, since WordPress did not yet support multi-site installations. Emerson College has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of these kinds of communication platforms, and at IT we’re happy to try to stay ahead of the wave however possible.

Since its creation, our WordPress platform has grown almost exponentially year-to-year. We currently host over a thousand blogs on it. Last year, in an effort to separate the academic use from the departmental use, a second installation of WordPress was created called “Press.” Currently, press.emerson.edu holds all of our departmental/staff blogs and is managed by Web Services, while word.emerson.edu holds all of our academic/curricular blogs and is managed by ITG.¬†Information Technology’s role in WordPress is just to keep it running, which it has been with 99.75% uptime (at the time of this writing).¬†However, our WordPress platform is used so heavily that we may consider expanding it to a multi-server architecture.

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