The Zoom Diaries: Advice On Adjusting to East Coast Living

The Emerson community thrives on its innovative ability to rise, empower, and change the world around them, which begins by embracing your creative passions as an Emersonian graduate student, right here on our Boston campus. The past five months have … Continued

A Day in the Life of an Emerson SMC Graduate Student

Emerson’s learning experience is known for providing their students with connections. Our MA in Strategic Marketing Communication teaches students how to build intricate marketing strategies to communicate between consumers and the brands in which they work with, and it provides … Continued

[REBLOG] It’s Always Black Friday for Students in Boston: Discounts That Will Keep you Busy Without Breaking the Bank

An Emerson student ID card is the gateway to anything and everything that Boston has to offer! From local restaurants to museums, from subscriptions to theatrical events, having a student ID gives you access to a multitude of discounts that … Continued

Experience Boston Life the Emersonian Way: My Top Fifteen List of Hotspots for the Fall Season

AS AN EMERSONIAN graduate student, whether you’re current or prospective, Boston has something for everyone. From looking back into history, or a night out with friends, I can promise that you’ll never be bored. Check out my favorite fifteen hotspots … Continued

Furthering your Passion with Graduate Student Organizations

  Did you know that there are eight graduate student organizations at Emerson that are ready for new members? Each organization is catered towards the various passions that brought you to Emerson. Below you will find a in depth description … Continued

FAQs: Office of International Student Affairs (OISA)

What is the Office of International Student Affairs? The Office of International Student Affairs (OISA) supports currently enrolled international students and offers an array of services, including:   Consultations with students and scholars on immigration and visa matters   Specialized … Continued